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May 23, 2012, 11:47 pm
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Free Comic Book Day may well be a few weeks behind us but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about all those issues we managed to pick up from our local comic book shop and added into our usual stack – the usual mix of Gold/Silver level comics were on offer and all well worth at least a glance – “Intrinsic” from Arcana Comics was one of those.

Arcana is a new publisher to me but if anything FCBD is a pretty good way to take the plunge in the sea of releases that flood the comic book stores week in week out – the only trouble with some of these titles is being able to pick them up with enough regularity in-store as the big two flood the market quite heavily.  That being said, for the die-hard comic fans of this world, and the CA Team Bloggers who have embraced the lesser-known titles out there, we can but try to keep these titles on our pull-lists.

Intrinsic opens with an epic battle of good versus evil where demons spill onto the streets from their otherworldly realms, only to be met head on by the mystics and magicians brave enough to step up to the plate.  Unexpectedly for us, good seems to lose the day and we’re only then allowed the realization that we’ve just been witness to a dream.  A dream belonging to our mystic leader, Ishmael Stone, a mystic, head of a group known as The Philosophers and the main man looking to gather the last members of the group that will defeat, Apollyon, head of the demons set on invading and taking over the world.  Only problem for Ishmael is that they are still missing some key members of the group charged with stopping The End as the demons flood the world……and even more of a problem, is that these new recruits don’t even know the powers they possess.

With more than a hint of Dr Strange about this title (a character I’ve read and loved in a number of mini’s over the years) this has the feeling of a lot of potential around it.  A free issue should really be treated as a showpiece for potential new readers and that’s how Arcana have approached this – with enough support and press being passed around to get the name out among the comic-reading public.  A good first issue and even with it being free, there’s still a lot of positives on this.  A strong list of characters – starting with an epic battle/dream sequence, settling us into the plot and then ending in a cliff-hanger all helps build a momentum which I hope can remain for the next issues and the rest of the title.  That being said, the only slight downside for me was the dialogue – very staged and sometime heavily clichéd but then, when dealing with magic and other realms – maybe that’s just how it goes.

We’ll see how issue #2 plays out when we get hold of it.

Pick up this and see what other Arcana titles grab your fancy on their site:


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