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May 16, 2012, 6:00 pm
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Rounding off today’s Black Hearted Press feature, we talk to the last of the co-founding members, David Braysher.

Without David, there probably wouldn’t be any Black Hearted Press today – his artwork for Black Maria was what brought him, Sha Nazir and John Farman together for the first time and ignited that spark in all of them to make more comics. But David had been trying his hand at comics before this:

I’d done bits and pieces in the past with Martin Conaghan – years ago Martin did a comic strip for Negative Burn. The first half had been drawn but the artist then got another job, so Martin asked me if I’d draw the rest of it. I also used to be a cartoonist for The Big Issue, I used to do the 3-panel strips and do some story boarding. I’ve always loved comics – I sent my stuff off to Fleetway, I would send my portfolio around , and I had a strip called Black Maria which I was going round with for ages.

As we’ve heard already from John and Sha, thier first collaboration on Black Maria was an interesting one – David having already drawn the strip, and getting John to write over the top of it.

Sha and John decided that they’d also like to do comics, so from being a made up title for a company it went to being 3 titles, then 4 and then mushroomed from there. We went down to Bristol to promote Black Maria and I think by the time we came back from that John was starting to formulate School of the Damned and Sha was making noises about Laptop Guy.

Since then, other than providing some bits for Laptop Guy, David’s doing the backup story to John’s School of the Damned issue #3 and then releasing a new book that he’s had a lot of involvement in (a page of which features at the top of this interview):

It’s called Black Hearted Love. It’s had a few names – it started off as “Dead Love” – but people said to me that was a bit depressing. Then it was “Black Hearted Romance”, and now we’ve gone for Black Hearted Love as it looks typographically better on the page. I’ve got quite diverse tastes in comics, so I do actually own a few romance comics from the 70’s and I thought it would be nice to have a go at an updated version. It’s going to be more irreverent than opposed to the very twee comics from the 70’s.

As well as providing some scripts and art from himself, the book will have a number of other collaborators too:

Jason Mathis – the artist on School of the Damned #2 – has done a few pages. A mate of mine Roy Boyd has done a couple of pages too, as has Martin (Conaghan). Jim Alexander has written a script for it which I’ve illustrated and there’s a few other scripts that I’ve written – it’s a mish-mash.

As always we are keen to find out what other comic creators are reading – and we were pleased to hear that David had been trying out quite a lot of the DC New 52, however he tends to stick more to creators than titles:

I like The Walking Dead, I think Grant Morrison’s Action Comics has been quite good – I’m more into creators than I am titles these days. I do have comic characters that I’m quite fond of – but it’s more people that I like. I like Mark Millar, Warren Ellis, Pat Mills – I still like quite old things that catch my interest.

Be sure to check out our review of Black Maria #616 and look out for Black Hearted Love in the near future.

Craig @hastiecraig

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