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May 13, 2012, 10:30 pm
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By now you’ll hopefully have figured out a few things about the good people of Comics Anonymous, including 1) we’re from Glasgow and 2) we love us some indie comics. Yes we may feast on a never-ending pile of mainstream published comics every week, but it’s always nice to take a break from these and see what’s going on in our local scene – and one thing we’ve noticed – the Glasgow comic scene is booming. At the heart of a lot of this is the creator owned publisher Black Hearted Press, who we’ll be featuring all week on the site, including interviews with those involved and reviews of the comics they’ve released.

Started in 2010 and founded by David Braysher, John Farman and Sha Nazir, Black Hearted Press was born out of a love of comics by three very creative individuals. Not long after, Jim Alexander joined the BHP crew, rounding out the multi-talented team. Between them they bring lots of experience from their backgrounds in illustrating, graphic design, play writing along with expertise in writing for the likes of Marvel, DC and 2000AD. What started off as a couple of books has now grown into a nice selection of titles ranging from classic horror movie monsters to multiple personalities disorder cops.

We’ve been catching up on all of the BHP titles and managed to chat with those responsible for them too, so each day this week we’ll be posting reviews and interviews highlighting each of the creators and their work.

Check out the following posts that make up the feature week:

Review: School of the Damned issues #1 & #2.

Interview: John Farman

Review: Laptop Guy #1 and Scout One #1

Interview: Sha Nazir

Review: Black Maria #616

Interview: David Braysher

Review: Gabriel #1 and Good Cop, Bad Cop #1 (Coming soon)

You can find out more about Black Hearted Press over at their website –

Craig @hastiecraig

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