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ZOMBIE HI #1-4 by G-Man

This years Hi-Ex Comic Expo (as reviewed here) was another source of some top titles for us – caching up on the issues/graphic novels we were missing and getting the chance to pick up some titles we don’t normally get our hands on here.  The first four issues of ‘Zombie Hi’ were exactly that kind of title, from Northern Ireland based Uproar Comics.

Zombie Hi takes place in a post-apocalyptic Ireland, Derry to be precise and it’s this local feel that sets the title apart from any other zombie comic you’ll get these days.  The thing I love about the indie/small press titles from around the UK is that I can hear the accents in my head.  That’s as much down to the dialogue being written by people from that area as it is my own subconscious helping me adjust to the surroundings depicted in comic book form.

The vast majority of other titles I read are very much US titles…..regardless who publishes them, it’s American accents in my head and that can make things feel all a bit samey.  Zombie HI chips in on helping to change that fact as we see survivors in Derry fighting for their very existence – taking on zombies and killing zombies as best they can and with whatever they can get there hands on.  Typical zombie story action with some surprises and cool twists in the mix too.  Strong writing from Daniel McLaughlin, pencils from Kevin Gio Logue and inks from John Campbell combine to give us a cracking title to track down, read and mention to your other comic geek friends.  They’ve even kept it fresh from themselves by having their friends drawn as zombies to spread the zombie-love I guess.

Another interesting fact about this title is the number of short story contributions they have included in each issue – some by them but others submitted to them by other comic book writer/artists in Northern Ireland – this is Uproar’s chance to give back to the indie scene in Northern Ireland….good on ya guys!

It’s been a busy enough time for the CA team as we try and get to grips with the Glasgow indie scene…..and it’s titles like ‘Zombie Hi’ that open our eyes to the fact there’s an even wider indie/small press world that we can consider as local to us.

You can catch these and the new issue #5 release of Zombie Hi on their website:

Keep in mind they’ll also draw you as a zombie too (again available from their website)

Zombie G-Man

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