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Avenging Spider-Man harks back to the Marvel Team-Up days and after an initial 3-issue arc we’re onto a series of one-shots where Spidey teams up with a particular member of the Marvel Universe – in the case of issue #5….and as you can see by that glorious Leinil Yu cover…..this time round it’s Captain America’s turn.

Issue #5 is a much different take on Spider-man and we get a slower change of pace – cameo’s by the Avengers make quick work of the action part of the issue but the real focus is Peter Parker trying his best to get to know Steve Rogers better…..sounds like some kind of Hollywood bromance on the go here but it’s actually a lot more poignant than that.

The issue centres on Pete discovering that prior to Steve’s involvement in the Super Soldier Program he was a comic book artist trying to make his contribution to the war effort.  Comic strips promoting the sale of war bonds would show Steve’s other love in this world after the good old U.S. of A was art.  Something Steve tries to shy away from but gradually his interest is piqued and we get to know a bit more about Steve other than his previously weak portrayal.

Throughout the issue there are even some comedy moments which don’t feel out of place but rather seem to fit as Hawkeye and Spidey poke fun at each other as ego meets ego.  A subtle one-liner here and there is mixed in with the main push to get Steve back into art.  It’s only on the final panel that we realize the whole issue has actually been one long tribute to the late, great Joe Simon.

A fitting tribute given the subject of the issue, holding onto a feeling of warmth and nostalgia that the true greats in the comic book world warrant.  Pick up this issue and read it….or at least pick up some of Joe Simon’s previous work – a man who has contributed to the creation of some of the comic book icon’s that have lasted the test of time and still engage the comic reading masses….and now movie-going public today. 


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