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DAREDEVIL #10.1 by gillianhastie
April 10, 2012, 9:22 pm
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This week, I gave Daredevil #10.1 a whirl. Here’s what I though of Marvel’s latest .1 jumping-on point…

The cover to this book is beautiful and the title page is a great introduction to the character’s abilities, limitations and back story. After I worked out what order I should be reading it in, I thought it was nicely paced. The next few pages, however, ran through the same character traits – unnecessary when the intro page covers this succinctly and sufficiently.

Instead of action, we get illustrated flashbacks, telling us there was action, but not really letting us live it. I expected more from the real bad guys (and I was excited because they’re shit-hot, high-profile, bad-guy teams) but no action here either. Once again we’re told about action that’s already taken place. Murdock holds our hand and leads us through it. A little digression to illustrate the point to which I’m headed: At Hi-Ex! con last week, Dr Chris Murray of Dundee Uni chaired a panel that discussed comics in education. The panel and audience explored the issue around the perception, by some, that comics are stories ‘dumbed down’. For me, I’m sorry to say, Daredevil 10.1 was an example of exactly that.

On the plus side, I did enjoy some of the humour, and the colouring is, I think, what gives this book it’s unique look. The art’s not what I’d usually go for. I believe the term I’m supposed to use here is ‘loose’ but at points it’d be more clearly defined as ‘looks like it was made on the Draw Something app’.

I’m puzzled by one thing, and it’s my friends’ reactions to the main Daredevil series: they love it. I’m told the artwork is excellent and it’s full of action. Why is the artwork in the .1 issue  so different from that of the ongoing series, and why is the story spoon-fed?  Marvel would do well to showcase the quality storytelling and artwork from the main series to new readers, to sell the book.  These new readers were curious enough to jump in – give them something to keep them hooked.  You won’t lure a junkie to crack by selling him sherbet, now, will you?  I would hazard a guess that a 10-issue-catch-up is not too much to ask of a new reader.  Issue 615.1, fine.  Issue 10.1 – silly?

In short, it’s just as well I read this on a long weekend, or I’d be grumbling about how I could have put my precious, limited comic-reading time to better use. I’m told the main series, to which this .1 relates, is excellent and I know dream-team Bendis & Maleev had a run with this character, so never say never. I might see more of this red dude again some time.

Gillian @surelyshine

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