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March 28, 2012, 10:56 pm
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Last month’s trip to London Super Comic Con was already exciting enough with the prospect of meeting Stan Lee, however the weekend’s hype-factor was increased ten-fold with the possibility of a new Phonogram being announced. Sure enough, after some late night twitter feed refreshes, the news came through that Phonogram 3 would be coming our way from the Legends of Rock Comics: Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. Unfotunatley we didn’t manage to get an interview with the “Dream Team” (McKelvie has a certain birthday bash and drinks to blame for that) however the (much more sober) Kieron Gillen was on hand on the Sunday to answer our persistent chanting of “TELL US MORE!”.

Throughout the weekend Gillen was happily chatting to attendees, signing comics and encouraging people to pick up the first two trades of Phonogram. Dressed in a much more sombre dark suit (he tells us he’ll only wear the white suit when there’s a con Disco – organisers take note!) Kieron is clearly happy with his work and enjoys what he does: “It’s writing – it’s heart-breaking, it’s heroic, it improves and worsens your life on a daily basis. I do really love it.”. However with the prospect of adding a new Phonogram to an already busy schedule of other books, he knows that there’s a lot expected of him.

I think I did something like 43 scripts last year and I didn’t work that hard. <laughs> Last year I got married, which obviously takes up a lot of time, bought a new house which also takes a lot of time, but at the same time I was working hard, but I wasn’t whipping myself. This year is going to be serious work, there’s no way about it.

Outside of Phonogram, Gillen is still working away, writing for two excellent Marvel books: Uncanny X-Men and Journey into Mystery. Still enjoying what he’s doing on each book, he confirms that with Uncanny he’s “got about 3 issues of the AvX left to write, so I’m well into that”. As for JiM, we’ve already reached the half way point in his planned 30 issue series, with about 3 arcs left to go:

I’m planning the climax now. We’ve got ‘Exiled’ and then the ‘Manchester Gods’ arc, leading into the big finale – the ‘DUN DUN DUN’.

Although we’ll be gladly picking up the issues for both these books every month, we’re most looking forward to the return of Phonogram – but don’t call it a come back – “we’ve been here for years” as Gillen is quick to point out. Having spoken in the past we’ve understood that it’s just not been fesable, financially or otherwise to do another book, so we were curious to find out what had changed:

It just felt like unfinished business. I don’t want to talk much about the hard maths and graphs and things, but basically it became possible to do it and since it was just one more volume, and then it’s closure for the characters, we felt why not. After this we won’t need to do any more Phonogram. It’s not necessary.


Clearly the initial teaser image for the series featuring the Daft Punk text “One More Time” had more meaning than we originally thought. Being what is likely to be the last ever Phonogram, the team are keen to do it right, and as Kieron highlights, this might mean “changing a few things”:

This will be the first Phonogram that I’ll be writing as we go through it – I’ll be giving Jamie scripts as we progress. It’ll also be the first Phonogram that doesn’t slip a date – that’s the aim. It’ll come out, like clockwork, and we’re serious about that.

Pegged for release around November time, we can’t wait to see some more details emerge on this one. No doubt we’ll catch up with Kieron again during our con travels throughout the year (white suit in tow probably) so hopefully we’ll get some more details on this and some of his other creator owned projects to share with you.

Finally, since there were certain rumours flying around Internet-Land during the same week, we took the opportunity to ask Kieron about the news that following Avengers Vs. X-Men Brian Michael Bendis would move off of the many Avengers books he currently writes and take on many of the X-Men ones instead. Although he wasn’t able to give us any more details on this, he did give us the funniest answer of the weekend:

“I am leaving the X-Men and I’m going to take up writing The Walking Dead.”

There you have it folks – a major exclusive that you can tweet about for the rest of the week 😉

Craig @hastiecraig

All photos courtesy of Fiona Watson Photography.

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