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I may well be a comic book fan and our immediate leap would be to assume that was for all things caped and spandexed……however, there’s more to the comic book world than that.  The range of titles reviewed in the Comics Anon Blog is proof of that….and even moreso in the UK indie world.  A recent title I picked up at the London Super Comic Con was Trojan Cry0 and Trojan Alpha….some sci-fi comic book action…..I had high hopes of a pace-change in my regular stack of comic reads.

The official line from Reaper Comics reads like this for Trojan Cry0:

Earth is abandoned. Nature rules her Kingdom once more. Humankind has scattered across the known Worlds. Isolated and persecuted a concord is signed. Trojan is born.

Trojan protects the scattered peoples of Earth. Trojan offer Hope, Shelter and Justice in a harsh new world.

A quick search around their website and the web and you can even find a trailer – a good indicator of what to expect:

Similarly with Trojan Alpha:

Betrayal from within. Feared and persecuted humanity needs hope. Humanity needs protectors. Trojan are born. Men and women who have sworn to protect earth and its peoples no matter where or who they are.  In orbit over an abandoned earth, Trojan Alpha are awakened from cryogenic stasis.  An unidentified space vessel has illegally entered earth’s atmosphere.  An act of war? Or a tragic accident.  Sent to investigate, what Alpha uncover results in an act of betrayal that threatens the very foundations of humanity and earth itself.  Our future rests on their shoulders.  They are our only hope.

The Trojan Cry0 issue – is a good introduction to the Trojan line and the Universe the events happen in.  I can’t really say it’s a post-apocalyptic world….it’s more a world where the Earth has kicked out it’s human squatters…kicked out to consider their fate and survive.  Here enters Trojan, the guardian-like, military-types who patrol the galaxy in defence of the remaining humans cast out into space.

The zero issue has a deep feeling to it, a higher purpose almost that gives me (and hopefully you) a solid foundation of what to expect……and the artwork on show here is stunning.  Highly detailed graphics that emit light and life from the pages they’re printed on.  High hopes from the issue zero introduction, were met and maintained in Trojan Alpha – strong military-based dialogue between the Trojan members were short, sharp and involving…..and I was almost saluting the guys in charge and covering everyone’s back as a result.

Where Cry0 had set the scene, Alpha starts the story and draws us in with a strong plot and the same highly-detailed digital art – which have an added depth with an almost rota-scoped feel to the battle-suits and scenery on show.  The characters themselves were given a more computer-generated feel that seemed to fit in well with the whole structure and life set out on each and every panel.  My only minor grumble on the art-side would be some of the hand-drawn faces…..where on a few occasions they seem to stand out just too much against the clean digital artwork.  That being said, the vast majority of the time they are slipped in with ease and are added in with a great deal of subtlety.

The title was created by Baden Mellonie & Hal Laren and it’s another example where the creative team work well from both an art (Hal) and writing (Baden) point of view.  The Alpha graphic novel ends on a high and really left me wanting to read more….the only thing I need now, is to keep tabs on them for news of the next instalment Trojan Alpha: The Hunted.

This title won’t suit everyone but then there’s not a title in the big comic book world out there that will ever achieve that.  Minor grumbles aside, this is a strong and interesting sci-fi title that I want more of……and I hope more people will want the same.

You can check on this and other titles by clicking the icon below:


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