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PETER PANZERFAUST #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
March 5, 2012, 10:59 am
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As part of last years Comics Anonymous Christmas highlights feature we discussed the quality of new titles being published by Image. Luthor Strode and Last of the Greats among others, made last year one in which many mainstream only fans gained the right impetus to move out of their comfort zones. Peter Panzerfaust is the latest title from Green Wake writer Kurtis J Weibe and artist Tyler Jenkins.

I have room in my pull list for a comic featuring some WAR. Those who know me well know that while I am far from being a Commando fan, I do have capacity to enjoy the genre. Overall I have been quite disappointed with DC’s Men of War, which started well but quickly lost focus and suffered great confusion over what kind of comic it wanted to be. Peter Panzerfaust strongly asserts its intentions in this first issue; to tell a great a great and timeless story against the backdrop of war.

Peter Panzerfaust #1 shows off a superbly striking cover, displaying an almost dapper, flamboyant young man, standing atop a tank and carrying a huge gun with ease. He looks like he’s waving to comrades, hopefully charging forward from the inside pages. I’m no artist but you’d be lucky if there have been more than seven colours used in this image. Set against the crisp white background and stood against the brilliantly designed logo you’ve got a cover and a title that really stand out. If like me, one of your childhood films was Hook, or you enjoyed the works of J.M Barrie you’ll be right at home here.


The first two pages introduce our narrator and special mention must go here to Alex Solazzo and his excellent colouring. He lends a not-quite-sepia-toned, not-quite-rose-tinted look to the book that flits well between noir drama and cosy Sunday afternoon movie.

This book is the story, or perhaps a version of, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys set against the backdrop of France in the Second World War. The book is a fast read, and had the potential to be as horrible and unforgiving a story as memories of wartime tend to be. Instead, quick pacing combined with panels that are at once loose, thanks to Jenkins art, and tightly focused in subject matter allow the narrators memories to be as clear to us as if they were our own.

Issue one of Peter Panzerfaust delivers a humorous and dramatic comic. Occasionally, some panels feel a little wasted and empty. I doubt that to include a little more ‘comic’ at these times would have detracted from the fast paced action feel, as the extended shooting panels and chase sequences will be where the reader recieves most of this atmosphere.

Overall this is a very good comic book and comes recommended. Issue two is out next week!


Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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