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March 5, 2012, 5:44 pm
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With issue #3 having recently made its debut at this year’s Cardiff Comic Con and making me curse the Con Gods who held London Super Con on the same weekend – my pre-ordered copy hit my door just a week or so ago.  Having picked up issues #1 & #2 from the creators last year (and reviewing it here) my “go-to” comic for some escapism and fun had a new name….and it was a UK indie…..even better!

With the sci-fi, comedy angle holding it’s parallels with Red Dwarf, which I’m also a big fan of, the first two issues had me sold from the off.  The fact I pre-ordered issue #3 straight-away is testament to that….as much for my own personal enjoyment of the title….as for the writing and art combo.  With each issue feeling like the episode from a tv series….advantage here is that the originality in the characters, plots and humour is refreshing from what could have become a clone of the numerous sci-fi plots we’ve had over the years.

Issue #3 starts of with the morning after hangover from issue #2 and eases from Lou’s hangover “cure” which he got from the same guy that “gave” him his ship (the Raging Hormone….GENIUS) and gifts us with a flashback of the early days of Lou’s mercenary/delivery driver role.  An old school tale of the rookie being shown the ropes by an ageing mentor, Daxter.  The dodgy delivery/pickups really acting as a front for trying to at least do SOME good in a rough Universe.  Along the way we’re gifted to the usual one-liners and just the right amount of sarcasm and swearing as Lou develops into the tough, criminal with a heart that we already know from the first two issues.

I CAN’T tell you what happens in this issue, much the same as I couldn’t tell you much from the first two…..and that’s mainly because this is a title that’s made to be read and enjoyed.  The creative team of Jim Bampfield, Kris Carter and Dan Harris have pulled of another blinder here, building on the success from the previous issues.  A mix of comedy, action and a brief glimpse of a heart to the story too with the teacher/student relationship between Daxter and Lou really taking the form of old buddies talking the usual guy shit.

I LOVE this title….and for a number of different reasons…’s just plain funny….and there’s few titles out there that can hit that as often as the Lou Scannon team have.  The art has remained consistent throughout, with another great cover (by Gavin Mitchell) and the black & white interiors are a comic book joy to look at.  The writing is just spot-on and the sarcasm/swearing seems to match how I would talk in situations…..I’m a sarcastic, swearing, comic book fan…..if anything, I should be IN Lou Scannon….but maybe only as a Stan-Lee-type cameo 😀

So I’ve read all 3-issues……and I can’t sing the praises of this title enough – sharp, funny and a must-read from the indie world.  It’s no wonder these guys have appeared in the Eagle Awards nominees in the Favourite British Comicbook: Black and White category.  I urge you to get hold of these issues as soon as you can and to vote for them too.

Find out more on the Lou Scannon website:

Lou Scannon Site

And get your votes in for them in this years Eagle Awards:

Eagle Awards Site


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