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February 29, 2012, 2:45 pm
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Accent UK have brought us some key titles in recent years with “Whatever Happened to the Worlds Fastest Man” and parts 1 & 2 of the Wolfman Trilogy already receiving the Comics Anonymous review treatment.  Having caught up with them again at this year’s London Super Comic Con, the CA team took the chance to pick up some more of their titles.

First up for me is “The Man of Glass”, written and drawn by Danish creator Martin Flink and it’s hard to review this without spoiling the title for you.  The official description of the title goes like this “He had a beautiful girlfriend, a promising career, good friends and a lovely son. Today he sits in the park with a beer, all his belongings in two plastic bags, watching the world passing by. How did he get there? And what happened to all the good things he had going for him?” and I’d rather leave you with that in terms of story details.

As for the issue itself, there’s very little dialogue or text at all through the title but given how poignant the tale is, the visual approach to telling the story is all the more touching.  Scouring the web for more info on this, I stumbled across a trailer created for the title and it’s a good teaser for the story on offer from Flink.

Well paced with a mix of panel structure that seems to build emotional ties to the main character quickly and this instant involvement give the story a feeling of being much shorter than it actually is.  The lack of words also contributes to that as there’s no need to linger on lengthy dialogue or an overload of information but if anything, it forces the reader to soak in the visuals.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably fly through this but then go through it again to fully take in the story and the craft involved in taking the comic book medium and making it almost 100% visual.  I could say that is what’s being attempted but the truth is, it’s been nailed from the off.  Sad and touching in a way that few other titles can convey with a whole dictionary of words at their disposal.  If ever there’s an issue that supports the “picture is worth a 1000 thousand words” adage…..then it’s “The Man of Glass”.

Top marks to Flink for the craft on show here and to AccentUK for maintaining their strong consistency on bringing us stories that need to be read/seen in the indie comic world…..and in the comic world in general.  Catch more of Accent UK’s titles from their website and pick this title up as soon as you can.  This won’t be the last of their titles reviewed by the Comics Anon. team, that’s for sure.


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Nice review Gary – I agree with everything you’ve said, it truly is a beautiful but sad book. In many ways it reminds me of Jeff Lemire’s amazing Essex County books – and I’d say anyone who has read them should check out Man of Glass (and vice-versa!). AccentUK are proving to be quite the power house in the world of indie comics – I’d recommend people check out their stalls at any upcoming events.

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