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What could be better than Mike Mignola writing a 1930’s pulp tale?……got me…..I can’t think of anything better.  I’m a Mignola fan and I love old school characters like The Shadow, The Rocketeer and The Phantom – surely I was onto a winner?

That’s exactly what I got with this one – starting off with a guy and his girl leaving the picture house for the walk home…..only to discover a man tied to a lamp-post having been scalped by a group of ghost-like Indians.  THAT’S how to open with a “what the F—??”

That’s the magic of the “Mignolaverse” – you can jump on with these stories at ANY point and be captivated by them.  A task we see attempted on other titles from other publishers….but somehow ……..Mignola seem able to pull that off with a greater sense of ease than most.  The Indians head a charge for the innocent couple and in steps our main man, Lobster Johnson himself…..and lets face it, who else but our hero could pull of a line like? “Taste JUSTICE Imposters!”

An action-packed start for us which eases us into the ground-work of finding out what the hell is going on with this mystery.  Our roving-reporter Cindy Tynan from the Herald Tribune helps us along the way as she helps/annoys the local detectives with her questions and theories.  Her questions go unanswered in the local area too as everyone keeps themselves to themselves….at least until she finds 1 member of the community, Harry McTell (Great name), willing to spill the beans on the area and why everyone else is keeping tight-lipped.

Cutting to the local hoods we see them arrange to try and quieten the nosy reporter and we fade out with two local thugs trying to carry out their orders.  Needless to see we get a glimpse of Lobster appear from the shadows, ready to prevent any attack happening.  This may not have been non-stop action but that doesn’t stop this title drawing you in – from the strength of Mignola’s writing through to the noir-fest of art supplied by John Arcudi.  Special mention has to go to Dave Johnson for that amazing 1st cover.

The art itself seems steeped in that old Hollywood vibe with scripting to match……and there’s something involving in that type of storytelling.  Maybe that’s because I’m an old-fashioned movie fan…..or maybe I just like a good solid story.  An old-fashioned tale set in the 30’s with a female reporter lead character….somehow seems to fit…….and I’m keen to see how the rest of this 5-part mini progresses.


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