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As 2012 fills up the CA team diary with more Cons than Arkham Asylum, there’s also the added bonus of the TOP comic book contributors being highlighted in the numerous award ceremonies which take place at these.  None more so than the long standing Eagle Awards (around since the mid-70’s) which are presented at this years MCM Expo London Comic Con in May.   With the 1st round of nominations being open since the start of January through until the end of February, the CA team thought we’d try and highlight some key possibilities for your nominations…..

Now the BIG name artists/writers/publishers are easy for the comic-reading masses to identify and plug a vote in for….what may be less evident is the on-going contributions by the Indie comics which appear in a few select comic stores or for online purchase.  We’ve been fortunate enough to meet a fair number of these at our Comic Cons in 2011….or through Facebook/Twitter and even the Blog itself…..but you may not recognize the names or issues that appear throughout the categories in the nomination form.

Black Hearted Press: This Glasgow based Comics Publisher had a pretty good 2011, and by the sounds of it will have an even better 2012. Founded by David Braysher, John Farman and Sha Nazir , the team have so far brought us issue #1s for some excellent titles like Gabriel, Scout One, Laptop Guy and School of the Damned.  With BHP themselves being up for favourite publisher there’s a number of the members also up for individual awards: John Farman (Newcomer Writer), Sha Nazir (Newcomer Artist AND Writer/Artist), Jim Alexander (Writer), James Devlin (Artist – Fully Painted), Jamie Grant (Colourist AND Letterer) as well as there titles in the favourite comic book categories – there’s a strong chance that Black Hearted Press could well be flying th flag for Scotland in a big way.

We’ve got a big feature on BHP coming very soon on the blog – so check back for more about the comics and the guys who create them, however in the meantime check out their website over at

Lou Scannon: I picked up both issues of this at the 2011 Thought Bubble Con in Leeds and you’ll find a review on this blog, here, for both issues.  A sci-fi comedy comic in the same vain as Red Dwarf – a fun comic which is well worth a read.  The co-creators/writers/artists Dan Harris & Kris Carter are well worth a consideration in the Favourite Writer/Artist/Comic book categories.

More info on the website

The Standard: While ‘The Standard” itself slips effortlessly into the Favourite Comic category – John Lees makes a well-earned appearance in the Best New Writer category with Jonathan Rector in the Best New Artist slot.  There’s also a nod to the letterer Kel Nuttall and this is a title that will hopefully pick up votes and readers in 2012. Check out our review of issues #1 & #2.

Check out the site for more info:

Team Girl: A Glasgow based all-female collective who self-publish the Team Girl Comic and are WELL worth a vote in this years awards.

Check on them at :

AccentUK: Another top pick for the nominations is Fall of The Wolfmen from Accent UK (Reviewed here), along with Wolfmen artist Andy Bloor.  Another top pick from Accent is their Predators anthology and the cover from Kev Mullins.

Check in on their site for more info on their titles:

7 String: If you followed our coverage of Thought Bubble you’ll hopefully have seen us chatting to 7String creator Nich Angell (and if not – get your ass over here now and check it out!) Nich has created a delightfully colourful book that nicely blends music and fantasy together to bring you a truly awesome comic.

Make sure and check out our review of Track 1 here.

Comics Anonymous: Of course don’t forget to vote for your favourite Comics based website while you’re filling in your voting form – we’ve been humbled that we’ve already had some votes cast in favour of us and would be delighted to to reach the final nominations in May.

So make sure to have your say and get your votes in before the end of February!

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