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HEART #3 by G-Man
January 17, 2012, 10:12 pm
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Another glorious, gritty cover draws us into this 4-issue mini and it’s no secret that I hate to think that the next issue will be the last.  There’s a world of options here and Oren “Rooster” Redmond is almost like a buddy of mine…..maybe not a sparring buddy because he’d kick my ass but at least someone that I know and could cheer on in his next fight.  Who knows maybe it’s my inner-cage fighter that’s getting its release with this title but there’s much more ‘heart’ (ignore the pun) in this title than you might think.

Simple fact is that a comic book about cage-fighting could have so easily gone down the mindless violence route….with not much behind it….but thankfully in this title we’ve got the opposite.  Following Oren quitting his job we see him slide back into living with his Mom in her basement….with his brother.  Talking, sparring, planning fights while paying his dues at the gym by working on clean-up duties.

Then we get the ups and downs of a few wins getting him a sponsor and then his first pro loss.  A humbling moment for our main character as it results in him trying to drop a weight class.  An almost silent montage of his dieting and going fully dressed into a sauna in an attempt to shed the pounds.  Of course he hits his target and with the next win, bringing him the chance at a fight to become contender for the next big fighting belt……..a sure thing.  His big chance just ready for him to take…..although the “sure thing” ends up with him being handed his ass.  Too cocky it would seem……but given that I was sucked in and had faith in Rooster….I’m left thinking that I somehow failed too.

More class-act writing from Blair Butler is the winner as this title progresses…..and with 1-issue left to go…..I’m still not sure how it’s going to work out.  Supported again by Kevin Mellon’s astounding art….telling the story as much as the writing is doing…..we’re pretty faultless on all fronts.  Weird thing is….I’m desperately looking forward to the last issue….but I’m sad too……how can this end in one more issue???  Surely Rooster has more fighting to get through than can be contained within one issue…..and I’m on a countdown to find out.


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