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THE STRAIN #1 by G-Man

Following his work on the AMAZING Damaged – I just HAD to pick up The Strain to catch some more of David Lapham’s writing powess.

Lapham writes the script for this Guillermo Del Toro & Chuck Hogan tale – so the usual mix of horror and intrigue can be expected.  Opening like a Hammer Horror film we get an olde-school tale of folklore in 1927 Romania as a grandmother tells her grandson to make sure he eats his dinner….maybe a strange start to the tale but after reading the whole issue….it fits somehow.

Following this we get an effortless switch to the modern world and Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (what a name!!) trying to get some quality time with his son.  A call from his ex-wife later and we’re involved with the characters already – a common aspect of Lapham’s writing.  We’re then thrust into Ephraim’s day-job as the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) are called in to investigate a 747 that’s landed at JFK airport and then just gone silent.  A Hazmat suit change for the Dr and his team and being joined by S.W.A.T. ensures that there are some serious issues with the plane coming up.

Sure enough, every passenger on the plane are dead under mysterious circumstances with only one of the pilots seeming to be the only survivor….this is some scary SH&%.  Fading out this first issue with an old man watching the events on TV, reminiscing about the tales his grandmother used to tell him and his declaration that “He is here…..”……I’m screaming at the damn issue in my hand asking “WHO’S HERE??”

Now Lapham DOES work his magic here but there’s no denying that the art from Mike Huddleston manages to capture 1920’s Romania and modern-day New York perfectly….all the while maintaining a dark and deeply moody feeling to what could have all been just another tale of Vampires…..or at least that’s what we’re lead to believe from our first snippets of info…..but this is going to be MUCH more than that.  It’s a 12-issue series from Dark Horse……and with issue #1 being $1 (approx 85p in the UK) and you’re not spending a lot for quality like this…..truth is….I would’ve paid more for this given the names involved and the chance at another non-spandex title to get hooked on.

Jump on-board with this title now and you’ll be able to enjoy a true horror tale evolve from a top writer and the type of art that has you squirming in your seat.


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