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CARNAGE: U.S.A. #1 by G-Man

After reading the 5-issue Carnage mini-series in late 2010/early 2011 by Writer Zeb Wells and AMAZING artist Clayton Crain – I was pretty hyped for their 2nd mini starting.

Set in Doverton, Colorado – we see small-town America being taken over by Carnage aka psychotic madman Cletus Kasady.  The inhabitants of the innocent small-town are scared and threatened into submission….with no real choice given the violent response from their new madman in charge.  Like the 1st mini….we’ve got the gritty artwork and flowing storytelling from the off as we see Kletus swagger round the town emphasizing his ego with young and old alike.

Queue the government pulling together a ramshackle group of superheroes to fly in and take Carnage on.  Five of Marvels big-hitters are drafted in to help the situation: Spider-man (that’s a no-brainer), The Thing, Hawkeye, Wolverine and Captain America.  The magic of this team is the team jibes and off-handed comments that are thrown in as they prep and head off to their destination.  Arriving in town and walking along main-street they encounter a relaxed and crazy Kletus with an ever-growing gathering of town-folks.  As you can guess, reasoning with Kletus only sparks off a Carnage attack but the results are more surprising and even had me saying “F&%$ YEAH!”  That’s all down to Carnage grabbing Spidey by the throat and the others becoming Symbiotes under the control of our lunatic mayor……THAT’S how to end a 1st issue.

We even get a glimpse of the Government’s Plan B…..and I can’t wait to see how issue 2, and the rest of the mini plays out.  Wells and Crain combine AGAIN in an amazing way….smooth, dark artwork mingled with the light and airy small-town America is a welcome change from another NYC smackdown.  Crain’s art is just so AMAZING again in this mini……developing further from the look and creepy edge from the 1st arc.  Throw in the same level of gritty, edgy dialogue and humour…..and you’ve gotta pick up that 1st arc and jump on-board with this one.


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