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HEART #2 by G-Man

Following my enjoyment of Issue #1 (and review) – I had high hopes for the 2nd issue in this 4-part mini from Image comics.

Opening with a memory of a school fight, we’re quickly thrust back into the action of our main character, Oren “Rooster” Redmond, battling through his first bout.  A scrappy win followed by a swagger in the afterglow as he returns to the office and faces the reactions of his co-workers.  Not bothering at all with this as he’s eager to return to training and comes crashing back to reality as he watches a tape of the fight.  Scrappy and “must-to-better” only get him worked up to train harder and fight smarter.

That’s exactly what he manages to achieve, finding his place in the fighting group from the gym and we see him getting his name in the local paper, as well as gaining his Rooster nickname.  The change of look as he sports a Mohican doesn’t go down well at work….easy solution….he quits and starts to see himself as a pro fighter.

For me the writing remains strong in this one….although I don’t think I was as blown away here as I was in the 1st issue…almost a more-of-the-same feeling to it……that being said……the writing was so strong and involving in the 1st issue that it’s still a gain.  This time round I paid much more attention to the art – where we still have the all-colour cover and gritty, grainy black and white art inside.  That being said, there’s a notable use of panels in this issue that I hadn’t noticed in the first.  Everyday life has a standard feel to its panels whereas in the ring – we’ve got more of a fluid and random feeling to them…..which is actually more involving now that I’ve noticed that kind of detail.  A clear indication between the separation between the real world and the caged arena.

Round 2 is a doozy and the writing level has been held at it’s high level from the 1st issue…..coupled with the strong art and new details that I’m noticing as a result makes this one of my current guilty pleasures….as much for the blaze approach to office work from the main character as me gaining an outlet for my inner, pent-up need to punch something…..kidding 😀

Blair Butler and Kevin Mellon are working well together in this one and at the midway point of this arc, after hitting and holding at a high-level…..I can’t wait to see how the 2nd half of this works out.


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