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January 2, 2012, 9:03 pm
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Following my earlier review of Accent UK’s ‘Wolfmen’ & ‘Fall of the Wolfmen’ – I had high hopes for writer Dave West‘s “Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man?”.

Given the title, I had preconceived ideas of an indie version of “The Flash” and I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It’s a different spin on that idea with our main character Bobby Doyle having the ability to stop time……no super strength… spidey sense… speed of any kind.  The thing is….I don’t really want to give away any of the details because this book was a joy to read… much for knocking my ideas of what it was going to be about as the surprise at how involved I became with this when the story unfolded.

It centres on a terrorist attack in Central London with a bomb being setup to detonate in the highly populated capital.  So the story unfolds of Bobby stopping time and over the course of years, we see him gradually move all the people within the blast radius of the bomb to safety.  It’s got a slow-burning poignancy to the story and it’s about one man making the ultimate sacrifice……his entire life given up to save people and capture the bomber in one swoop.

Artist & Co-Creator, Marleen Lowe gifts us with some beautiful artwork and the black/white/grey tones come together to give us the depth and detail that we may have lost with colours added.  The cityscapes and Londoners drawn with the same attention to detail throughout – the passage of time is really shown in the aging Bobby Doyle and that’s the real strength of the central character here…..he’s alone for the duration of his arduous task and his rambling as he talks to himself seem to be well-earned as we actually want him to get through it.

Another strong independent British comic that comes with my whole-hearted recommendations……and for that reason I’m not going to spoil the enjoyment by giving you any more detail on the story or the ending.  An epic stroke of genius which manages to feel like a novel in the space of a one-shot.

Check-out this, Wolfmen and Accent UK’s other titles through their website:

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Thanks for posting the review. This book, and the central character, seem to touch everybody who reads it and it’s great that it’s still finding new readers.
Marleen and I are collaborating again on a book called ‘Has Kane Mesmer Lost His Magic Touch?’, which is set in the world populated by Bobby Doyle. I’ll send you a review copy when it’s been printed …
Thanks again,
Dave W

Comment by Dave West

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