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HIGHLIGHTS OF 2011 DAY 17 – SKULLKICKERS by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
December 17, 2011, 12:45 pm
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This year Comics Anonymous have read an obscene amount of comics, ranging from the dark and twisted word of Spaceman to the outright mental Xenoholics and it’s good to have a nice mix. Today, Linsay tells us why sometimes you just need a comic that makes you smile and how Skullkickers helped achieve this highlight in 2011.

I have a pretty great life but I do love escaping from it now and then (okay – all the time) with excellent comic books. Sure, there are hard hitting and topical comic books that ‘make you think about some important issue’, or make you look at things, people, everything differently but what I like best are comic books that make me ‘LAUGH OUT LOUD’, and I don’t mean vaguely smile inside and tweet ‘LOL’ to my comic loving pals, I mean proper belly laughing BWAHAHAHAHA-ing. Sadly, as comics in general have become more intelligent there are fewer creators out there who see making me wet myself with laughter as a real career goal. Whilst I don’t think Jim Zubkavich has that exact goal written into his ten year plan, it is no less achieved.

Skullkickers is my favourite creator owned comic and is the first comic I go to when I pick up my pile. No other comic has guaranteed laughs like this one. Zubkavich has superior comedy timing and a turn of phrase that tickles my fancy to no end. Those of you who have had the (dis)pleasure of meeting me in the real world will know that I am not always ‘softly’ spoken. The story arc’s are hugely entertaining and there are enough extra’s rammed in between the cover to make you wonder why no one else gives such value for money. Of particular note are the ‘tavern tales’ – filler issues in between story arcs, often with guest writers and artists and always hilarious.  If you’re not picking this up yet you are needing a punch in the face. The trades are cheap as chips. Get involved.

Check out our review of issue #10 as well as the preview we had on issue #11. And for more Zubkavich goodness – check out his online graphic novel Makeshift Miracle.

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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