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HIGHLIGHTS OF 2011 DAY 14 – KIERON GILLEN AT MARVEL by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
December 14, 2011, 8:42 pm
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Those of you who have been following our Highlight’s feature will know that there’s been a few comic book creators that have really made our year am excellent one. We’ve had Matt Fraction, Mikel Janin, Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder so far – so it’s Linsay’s turn to add another one to the pile.

Among the multitude of  comic books I’ve read in 2011 there have been 2 stand out titles, both of which allowed me my first glimpse into the world of Marvel. Generation Hope and Journey into Mystery are two very different books that benefit from Gillen’s storytelling. Gen Hope was both my first Marvel title, and my first X-Book. It also provided a nice counterweight to a lot of my pre DCnew52 male led cape books. Gillen has a way of writing a team book that doesn’t overwhelm a new reader. Everything is very comfortable, highly amusing and totally inclusive. In JIM, he goes about reinventing Loki as the most hated child in all of Asgard. This book is equally hilarious, beautiful, frightening and warm. It has been helped tremendously by some of Comics most talented artists, most notably Dougie Braithwaite and Ulises Arreola but the writing itself has been ridiculously brilliant. Now that all the Fear Itself gumph is over I’m looking forward to a 2012 riddled with self contained Loki goodness. Preferably with added Volstagg. At the time of writing this I haven’t yet picked up the Christmas issue but I did have the good fortune to flick through its PDFs when we interviewed Gillen last month. It looks great. Oh, and I haven’t written off Gen Hope now that Gillen has moved onto Uncanny. In fact, its getting even better.

As well as our interview with Kieron, make sure and check out our review of Uncanny X-men #1 where the Comics Anon team have thier own schism over the issue.

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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