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December 12, 2011, 9:02 pm
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We’ve been to many a comics event this year, and although FCBD is celebrated by most, this year’s was a particular highlight for Craig in 2011.

Unfortunately for most readers of this blog, this entry is a bit more of a personal one that few will probably be able to identify with, but it was a highlight never the less in my year. Yes, mostly everyone will have a Free Comic Book Day wherever you are, however if you stay in Glasgow, then the FCBD of choice should definitely be the one at Red Hot Comics. This year in particular was a good one – not only did owner Ivor have his usual shop wide sale to mark the occasion, it was also a farewell sale to his then current premises in favour of a much larger (and brighter) space just a couple of blocks away. It really was the sale to end all sales where you could pick up most back catalogue comics for 5 and 10 pence, but it was also nice to see such a large turnout for the day. After a few hours of browsing, the Comics Anonymous gang came back for what will no doubt become an annual staple on the same day as the event – FCBD:BBQ! We might not have had the weather for it, but we made sure that most of the food eaten on that day had been grilled over coal (and under an umbrella) and much fun was had by all. We highly recommend adding a little BBQ to your FCBD events – we look forward to seeing your photos in May!

Craig @hastiecraig

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