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December 9, 2011, 9:09 pm
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It may have been a long week, but if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s your daily dose of Comics Anonymous 2011 highlights. So what better way to start the weekend, than another of Craig’s favourite creators of the year.

Following on from my previous highlight (Jeff Lemire) the other writer to catch my eye this year was Scott Snyder. I know what you must be thinking – was I living under a rock? How did I manage to go so long without knowing how amazingly talented he was? Do please forgive me – I’ve made up for it by snatching up everything I can find by the man. Of course, things were always going to end well between us as soon as I picked up the first issue of his Detective Comics run. You’re probably all bored of me prattling on at how good it is – but it really is one of the best Batman stories of our time, and although both Jock and Francesco Francavilla both do an outstanding job on art duties, it’s Snyder’s well-crafted story that makes this so enjoyable.

So far, everything I’ve read that Snyder has been involved in always has a particular strong feeling to it – he always seems to be in control and know exactly where he’s going. His structure never feels repetitive or reused, every story is unique in the way it’s told, but like the film-maker Christopher Nolan, you know that everything he’s showing you has a meaning and is something we should remember so we can understand it better once we reach the end of the tale. What’s most fascinating to read are his sporadic twitter conversations, where he’ll spend an evening, tweet after tweet, going into the detailed thought that’s gone into books like Batman and Swamp Thing.

It’s been a good year to become a Scott Snyder fan too – following his Detective run, he’s been part of the intriguing mini-series Batman: Gates of Gotham, writes both Swamp Thing and the main Batman title in DC’s new 52 as well as writing his own series Severed alongside Scott Tutt and continuing his Vertigo series American Vampire. Like my new found fascination for Jeff Lemire, I’ve got some catching up to do, but by all accounts what I’ve missed is just as fantastic as everything else he’s done.

You can see plenty of Scott Snyder reviews on the site, including Swamp Thing #1 and #2, Batman #1 and #2 and Severed #1-3.

Craig @hastiecraig

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