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December 7, 2011, 12:48 pm
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You didn’t think we could make it a whole week did you? Trust us when we say, there was very little we didn’t like in the world of Comics in 2011, so we’ve a wealth of stuff to pick from. Today though, Gary’s picked one hell of a mind bending series.

The comic book team behind Marvels (Kurt Busiek & Alex Ross) brings us Dynamite Entertainments Kirby: Genesis – a homage to the brilliance of Jack Kirby’s imagination and the characters he created.  With issues #0-4 already released and spin-off started (Silver Star, Captain Victory & DragonsBane) we’re seeing a fitting tribute to the genius of Kirby.  Having read the main title and being engrossed in every issue…..I can’t see how this can go wrong.   A top writer working with a top artist recreating their story-telling prowess has been a joy to watch.  The title has managed to be involving at the same time as pulling in a great number of characters and ideas which you wouldn’t normally have seen in any other titles.  Another must-read for 2011 and beyond.

Look out for a review of issues #0 – 4 coming soon!


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