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December 6, 2011, 1:06 am
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This 6-issue mini-series from Red 5 Comics is the 6th Volume of Atomic Robo….that’s right the 6TH!!  Handy thing with this title though, is that you can jump on-board on any of these stand-alone volumes……and enjoy the hell out of it!

I’ve dabbled with this title before, so I at least knew what to expect from it and co-creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener have brought us the latest tale featuring everyone’s favourite Robot hero.  It’s another WIN for creator-owned books; with Clevinger on writing duties and Wegener on art….we’ve got a great mix of action, mystery…and even comedy thrown in there too.  This gives the title its heart and there’s something more involving when that’s the case.

Issue #1:

Kicking off with Atomic Robo and the gang being called upon by Director Bolden to rescue 5 astronauts trapped on an orbiting space shuttle, the pace starts hard and fast as time is of the essence.  Intermingled with this is a sub-plot (or what seems like a sub-plot for now) of a building that’s gone missing….yep MISSING.  A mysterious note telling them that it’s “Station X” that’s gone missing and to “Ask Robo”…..cryptic for sure but it’s an interesting sideline as the tech guys and scientists rally round Robo with plans on their crucial mission.  All things pull together and Robo is off into space…..a typical day it would seem…..except in this instance…..the plan falls to pieces when a satellite hits Robo’s space-plane.  Robo plummets towards Earth……..and “To be continued” has never been more interfering when you’re just getting into it.

Issue #2:

Picking up where issue #1 left us, Atomic Robo is still falling helplessly to Earth with the sight of our main character burning up on re-entry and crumbling before our eyes…..I can’t help but feel sorry for him.  His Support crew have an eye on saving him though….and a daring mid-air catch is pulled off with an on-the-edge-of-your-seat build-up.  Back in the lab, the crew work to put Robo back together and save their friend….and thankfully they pull it off….although Robo gets a hard time for his actions.

A call from Director Bolden confirms that his previous emergency call about the astronauts was a fake and that the team were bluffed into taking a big risk.  There’s a particularly poignant moment when Robo’s favourite gun (of eighty years) is a total loss after re-entry….poor guy!

Issue #3:

With the team all wondering why the hell they are under attack, the whole Station X and fake space emergency are tied together with some techs figuring out the link.  They’ve got a point of origin for both events and we’re stepping up into ATTACK-MODE with the team.  Sure enough – the whole team descend on their target….only to discover that it’s a trap.  Robo takes on the entire army and they seem to retreat……but only to regroup and we close out the issue with a mass-attack on the team who think they are in complete safety by staying out in the open.

3-issues of fun, intrigue, action, mystery and top art and we’ve still got 2-issues of this arc to go……WOOHOO!!  The magic of the title is just how easy it is to pick up and get into….once you’re there….you’re hooked.  The pacing is great and the panels are boldly drawn with just enough mix between set pieces and talky scene’s…….thing is, if you get this…….you’ll inevitably want to get the other volumes.  Kudos to co-creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener for consistently achieving that with Atomic Robo.  It’s got a similar feel to Hellboy…..with less than human characters with definite human traits.

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