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HIGHLIGHTS OF 2011 DAY 3 – THE DC NEW 52 by Craig
December 3, 2011, 1:58 pm
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2011 was a good year for comics, so Comics Anonymous is remembering the best bits each day this week – and what bigger highlight can there be than for DC’s impressive full product line reboot…

We may be 3 issues in with the DCNew52, but let’s rewind 4 or 5 months and forget what we know now. Yes we were all a little less rational and a lot more excitable – a whole new wave of DC comics were about to head our way, changing our lives forever! OK, so we know now that’s not the case, however if there’s a point in 2011 where the mention of comics really got my blood pumping, it was in anticipation of the New52. It got me excited at all the possibilities it could bring, but less so on the effect it was about to have on my wallet. It not only reset the whole DC continuity, it reset the comics that I now buy today. I’m still addicted to every Bat-book that hits the shelves week on week, but there’s so many titles and characters in there I’d never dreamt of reading, but given the sweet temptation of jumping in scot-free I was willing to give anything a chance. We might be a little wiser about all 52 titles now, and my bank balance is probably thankful that I’m not a big fan of all of them, but this shakeup was much needed – I just hope that the momentum can continue throughout 2012 and prove that it was worth it.

Craig @hastiecraig

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