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If you’ve managed to catch my previous reviews of this title ….and given the fact that it’s been one of my highlights of 2011……you’ll have to forgive me for singing the praises of Radical Publishing yet again….as they sent us through a Preview of next weeks issue #4 release…….Blog set to STUN!!

Issue #3 left us with the climax of the attempted prison break as Henry tries to free Isaac and recruit him into his own personal brand of Vigilante justice…….we pick-up 3 weeks after the jailbreak in the midst of a rooftop job – taking out an ex-KGB member taken into safety by the mob as a new foot-soldier.  It reads as though we’re going to see a simple assassination….but would it ever really be that simple?  Isaac’s on sniper duty with Henry producing a Rocket Propelled Grenade to make sure of the hit….and to create more chaos.  This is how we are starting the 2nd half of the mini-series…..and it’s cool as F%^K!!

We’re then thrown into the deep end with the political side as the San Francisco Mayor Campaign is kicking off with the recent vigilante justice in the city being a hot topic on the media circles….a fact we’re introduced to as the current mayor watches the latest TV tirade from his opponent.  We also get to see that the Mayor is helping to protect another Russian defector to the country and the usual seedy world of crime/politics intermingles again.

An effortless switch to a narration with Cassidy outlining the goings-on since the break-out and the extent of the vigilante attacks spread across the newspapers.

The continued narrative fills us in on the Mayor’s office hitting the panic button as poll numbers drop and Franks retirement is out on hold as they try and work together to bring down the new duo of Henry and Isaac.

We’re now onto a 2 vs 2 scenario and you just know its going to be a high mix of top art and writing combining to close out Damaged in the next 2 issues.  Lapham is proving just how a good a writer he is with this title and the cross-section of things he’s covering all within the one story is natural and seamless…..Manco raises the bar again with his artwork on show here…..and that’s just in a 10-page preview of the issue…..can’t wait to get my hands on the full issue.  If anything, I don’t really want it to end…….and yet….I want to know the whole story……NOW DAMN IT!!!

I’d also like to mention the cover art that’s adourned the 1st 4-issues…..all by the amazing Alex Maleev…..they fit the style of book perfectly and manage to capture exactly what w eneed to see for each issue we’re about to read.

Writer: David Lapham

Artist: Leonardo Manco

Cover Art: Alex Maleev

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