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MUDMAN #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
December 2, 2011, 11:01 am
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What’s this? Another new number one comic from Image? And it is from a British creator? Yes please Image, yes please.

Mudman comes to us with a sort of cool, sort of boring cover. The masked man standing knee deep in letters of mud spelling out the title is a pretty cool image. The ‘muddy’ colouring is just a bit too muddy. Looking at the comic on a shelf it does stand out but that is due to it being the only comic that’s the colour of mud. That colour is brown, for the uninitiated.

‘It began in the storm…. it ended in the mud’ is a relatively accurate summary of Mudman issue #1, but if its good enough for Paul Grist its good enough for me. This comic details the (mis) fortunes of Jack Nelson and Owen Craig, who inhabitants of Burnbridge on Sea, a non distinct British shitehole, and Craig’s metamorphosis from secondary school student to Mudman.

I’m willing to bet that Grist’s art is an acquired taste. I like it, and although I don’t love the cover, the muddied colour palette is in use throughout the book to great effect. The last time I saw this many shades of brown it was the fabric covering the settee in my childhood home.

The story of Owen Craig is actually very funny and quite interesting. Its also a little bit X-Files, what with the constant mud action. This serves us just the right amount of gentle unease to remind us that Craig is unlikely to be a Brit Peter Parker. For a start, he’s always in trouble and not nearly as book smart.  He is very likable and refreshing though and should appeal to many.

I enjoyed this comic and will be picking up issue #2. Others might feel the ‘lazy art’ style lets it down.


Linsay @softlyspokenlas

P.S. Grist is responsible for the very first page in Nelson, from Blank Slate.

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