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November 29, 2011, 9:27 pm
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After picking up Nich Angell’s 7 String – Track 1 at Kapow this year I found myself going back to it a couple of times, and passing it around a few friends. Surely the mark of a good comic book? I reviewed Track 1 and bought Tracks 2 & 3 from Nich at Thought Bubble.

Now that I’m up to date with the adventures of Zachary Briarpatch I feel completely gutted that there is nothing new for me to read and currently no way for me to journey further into this beautiful sci-fi hi-fi fantasy world. Luckily, I won’t be stuck for ever as 7 String has been picked up by a Canadian publisher and you can find out more about that in the short video interview (below) which we recorded with Nich when we caught up at Thought Bubble earlier this month.

Hopefully my review of Track 1 illustrated both a strong idea of the comic and my enthusiasm. The next two issues, or tracks as Angell refers to them, change the game somewhat. 7 String isn’t a story about a boy, instead its a story about an entire world and one boy’s place in it.

Even casual musicians will find plenty of musical references to various elements of musical theory and equipment which should provide some pleasant chuckles. The visual picture Angell gives us of the world of 7 String is as sugary sweet as it was in Track 1. The world he’s created becomes more enjoyable the more time we spend in it.

Track 2 is where Angell really starts to get us involved not only in the emotional and visual aspect of his world but also in its political situation, which is rapidly becoming more and more turbulent. This is illustrated well through the introduction of additional key characters but its clear that Angell has more ideas than he can fit on a page as we are occasionally bombarded with lots of text which is both informative and boring to read.

The pace is continually varied throughout the whole comic which has the effect of the reader completely engaging with the action scenes and drinking in the relaxing panoramic landscape shots. This comic book is gorgeous and the story is even richer and more engrossing than I’d first imagined. I would encourage you to pick this comic up on the next print run. It’s especially recommended for sci-fi fans and lazy guitar players.

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

All photos courtesy of Fiona Watson Photography.

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