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BLOOD RED DRAGON #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
November 23, 2011, 4:44 pm
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Forgive me for going all Harry Hill for a moment, but I love music and I love comics, but which is best? Lucky me that Image’s recently released ‘Blood Red Dragon’ ensures that the two great loves of my life don’t need to be separate, or fight it out…. Blood Red Dragon is the child of a somewhat bizarre love triangle featuring Todd McFarlane, Stan Lee and Japanese pop star Yoshiki.

Blood Red Dragon promised action, musicality and good story telling. Enjoying many of the new comics from Image I was hoping to really get into this book, however I think stablemates such as Luther Strode & Last of the Greats have set the bar a little out of Blood Red Dragon’s reach.

The story itself should be interesting enough, but after reading through he book and seeing a picture of Yoshiki, who was previously completely unknown to me, something about it annoys me. It might be similar to me writing a comic book in which the heroine was a 5ft11, size zero 34DD comic book reviewer. There is a little too much ego and not enough substance in this comic book.

Some of the art is very good and includes plenty of manga influences, particularly around hair and clothing. Think Final Fantasy and you wont be too far off the mark. There are some interesting panel layouts, particularly at the beginning of the book, although this is not complimented by either monologue or dialogue which I find to be clunky, and lacking in many places. The colours are also quite drab and uninspired and don’t work well with what is happening to the characters throughout the book.

There are several elements within the plot that should be exciting, and I am sort of interested to see how they are developed. I am hopeful that the writing will get better but ultimately this book has to start looking better, with more exciting colours if it is to even attempt to get my money. Overall, not a great first issue but certainly some potential. Still haven’t bothered to check out Yoshiki’s music either.


Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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