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Lou Scannon #1 & 2 by G-Man
November 22, 2011, 11:30 pm
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I was fortunate enough to catch up with Dan Harris, Kris Carter & Jim Bampfield as I continued my on-going mission to read more comics than a human brain can process…..and when I heard the words “Do you like Red Dwarf?” as part of the discussions on this book…..they had me hooked…..on the downside….this may confirm my outward appearance as a geek…..and to be fair….I WAS at a comic con….so it was a losing battle for my street-cred anyway.

Small Press issues can me a mixed bag….sometimes we get poor art, sometimes we get shaky writing…..but you know… can get just as much of that in Marvel and DC.  Thankfully, these guys have produced something that can sometimes be missing in a comic book release for the usual target audience….Lou Scannon is just plain fun and I’d have to agree with them on the “Red Dwarf” comparison as between issue 1 & 2, it does have a sitcom kinda feel to it……and that’s a good thing.  Sci-fi comedy is not a genre of comic I can think of many titles being attached to and maybe that’s the magic of taking the gamble on the small press.

Our main character is Lou Scannon (the play on words for names is a common theme which just adds to its appeal) and Lou is the man-in-charge of a bottom-of-the-barrel group of mercenaries making their way from one adventure to the next.

Issue #1: The Wolfman of Astrotraz

Lou and the gang are duped by the authorities and banged up in Astrotraz…..the intergalactic prison planet designed to hold all manners of space-scum.  Fellow mercenary Vic (who changes into a werewolf) helps the whole escape plan go as smoothly as a botched escape plan can go.

Issue #2: Dyme a Dozen

Lou takes the crew on his own personal journey to find out more about his past…..leading to a full-on pub crawl where the pubs are all called “Dyme Bar” and the men are women….and the women are men…..head-f%$& or what??

The comic is just plain funny and I’ve pre-ordered issue #3 off the back of taking a chance with these two.  There’s also some comedy gold tucked away in the letters page in both issues and it’s all my kind of humour.

You can find out more on the Comic, characters and creators on the website:


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