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HEART #1 by G-Man

Top of my own “living the dream” list would see me leave that 9 to 5 and become involved in comic book blogging full-time….not everyone’s choice and in the case of this Image title …….we see an office worker trade that 9 to 5 for a different route in his life.

Here we have an issue opening with main character Oren “Rooster” Redmond in the final preparation for his next cage fight……an interesting opener given he ultimately brings the fight from the brink of defeat and turns it into a win…..and we see him hunched over in a dressing room chair….in a Mickey Rourke a-la-Wrestler moment…..and the genius of this sight is that it’s mirrored on the very next page with him 2 years previously hunched over in his office cubicle…..and BANG….it’s as if this guy could be me….and that’s me on-board.

Taking a look at the cover you’d be forgiven for being surprised when the interiors are black and white pencils because I know I was …..but this actually works for me… won’t for everyone  who prefers their comic book world coloured-in but I wouldn’t let that put you off picking this up.

The whole issue centres on Oren following in the footsteps of his already established cage-fighting brother Jimmy “Big J” Redmond.  Making the decision to start training and keep training – we see the ups and downs of those 1st steps and the decision to buy that tight t0-shirt when it starts to show.  Now having flashbacked the issue ends with his foray into his first fight…..along with my cry of “PUNCH HIM!!!”

The magic of this story though is really in the writing, its narrative has you hearing it in your head and the real, every-day dialogue can be heard in your ears as if you’re there.  This is the 1st comic book written by stand-up comic Blair Butler but it’s a good one and I have high-hopes for issue’s 2, 3 & 4.

The art by Kevin Mellon has no KAPOW, BANG or WALLOP ….and that’s a welcome escape from the superhero splashed books that flood into our comic book shops.  If the strength of this 1st issue is anything to go by…..I can’t wait for round 2.


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That sounds pretty cool Gary, its great to hear about someone being bowled over by a comic book. I didn’t fancy it due to it all being about cage fighting…..

Comment by Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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