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THE VAULT #3 by G-Man
November 7, 2011, 11:45 pm
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Now for me….Image were previously a strong force in the comic book world….but kind of faded away…..that makes their most recent titles feel like a triumphant return….and The Vault has been one of those.

Having picked up issue #1 on a whim and based solely on how that issue’s cover looked (an approach  us comic book types often take)….I’m glad that the gamble paid off….I was just hopeful that after issue #2 raised the bar, that it would all closeout with an air of satisfaction…..and thankfully it does.  We’ve stood alongside our band of explorers from the beginning and seen them discover, squabble and survive in equal measure.

Issue #3 continues with the tension built up so far by Sam Sarkar’s writing and the moody artwork from Garrie Gastonny only adds to the horror/thriller vibe of the whole arc.  Our team have been picked up by their rescue ship….only to discover that they’re being hunted down and we get to see some pretty brutal kills as the ship loses power in the storm and the evil being starts picking folks off.

It’s all down to survival now as the team try and out-think their hunter and come up with a way to stop the unstoppable.  The religious element here comes into play and the artifacts discovered at the same time as the bag of bones attacker prove to be their saviour.  Religious symbolism helps them hold back the evil and with life rafts launched and the ship rigged to blow…..we see out this issue with…….

I’m not going to say what else happens….you’ve gotta read this…’s only 3-issues and as mentioned before in the earlier reviews it’s been picked up as a possible movie option for Johnny Depp’s production company……so I’ve got high hopes for this one.

Good to see Image still producing these kinds of titles….out-of-the-blue interesting and word of mouth will hopefully get this read by the masses.


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