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DAMAGED #3 by G-Man
November 7, 2011, 9:47 pm
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We’re at the halfway stage with Radical’s Damaged title….and we’ll see if writer’s David Lapham and Artist Leonardo Manco can build on their stellar work from Issue #1 & #2, in this 6-issue arc.

Having let us in on Henry’s next big plan – freeing the incarcerated local cop, Isaac Lordsman – who is being tried for his particular approach to “justice”.  A cop turned vigilante….sounds familiar eh?  1st step in Henry’s plan…..turn himself in…..WTF??  The action passes to Isaac and we get to know a bit more about his tough upbringing and where he fits into the system now….and that’s what we get for about the 1st half of this issue….a flip between Issac’s current situation, his past that’s made him the way he is….and a confrontation between Henry and his brother Frank.

We’re still holding strong in this issue where the narrative and punchy dialog helps build our NEED to know what happens next….and that’s down to strong storytelling on Lapham’s part….more of the same from that point of view.  Art-wise….Manco isn’t as challenged here with the story as he has been in the first couple of issues….nevertheless…..he’s got the details spot-on again….the scarred, world-weary face on Henry is testament to the strength and consistency the art holds and his ability to capture expression helps emphasise the mood of the story from start to finish.

The truth is, not much happens in terms of the story here…..Henry acts out the next stage of his plan as the issue closes out with him vomiting up one of his homemade bombs in an attempt to free both himself and Isaac from custody.  His planned explosion has the desired effect and we kind of fade out on this issue with chaos in the jail and a fire-blazing.

Halfway through and Lapham/Manco have managed to keep the title’s momentum up….the fact there’s not much to this issue is testament to the pacing of the story….and its success as a title.  The last 3-issues are high on my “must-read” list……and part of me is wishing at this stage it was an on-going title……but I’m sure (hoping really) that Lapham will close it out as well as he’s built us up to this point.



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