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JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #3 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
November 6, 2011, 5:59 pm
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Ah my beloved Justice League International, how many words have I written on the subject since the DC Reboot? Far too many, most of you will no doubt be thinking. I was beginning to think Dan Jurgens has also written too many but then that could turn into a bit of pot/ kettle. It would also be mean.

I had actually intended to not bother with JLI #3 as the taste of bitter disappointment from #1 and #2 was still present in my mouth.  Ivor, my Comic Book Guy informed me I had already paid for it with pre-orders and so I reluctantly took it home, trying not to let it get to close to any of my other comics lest it infect them with its rottenness.

I must have failed in my efforts, and some of my good comics must have rubbed off on JLI #3 as this is actually a readable comic. Several improvements have been made and there are a number of redeeming features, mostly down to character and relationship development. Some glaring negatives still remain which sadly means that JLI continues to be one of the most disappointing books of the DCnew52.

My first major gripe with JLI #3 is also conversely what has allowed this to be the best book of the series, so far. The cover, despite being gorgeous and very cool, features Batman who already has about 142,372 books out at the moment with his name in the title and face on the cover, Guy Gardner who is in the ridiculously mediocre Green Lantern Corps book and Godiva who is deservedly obscure. JLI is Booster’s book and Booster’s team, so why isn’t he featured on the cover?

The lack of Booster continues throughout issue 3 but the book is actually a lot better for it. Instead we see the team divided up into pairs and sent all over the world as they attempt to get to the bottom of these giant robot men. This gives us the opportunity to find out more about them and what kind of relationships they are developing. The dialogue here and throughout the issue is by and large quick witted and strong. Characters individual vulnerabilities are shown and a ‘pecking order’ is starting to develop. All of this runs together to make the JLI believable as a team.

Now don’t go misunderstanding me. This book is a long way off from good but it is getting better. Also, you’ll notice that most of my comments here and on previous JLI reviews are based around the book’s writing. The art in JLI #3 serves solely as a vehicle for the writing. It is perfectly functional but brings nothing of its own to the table.

Thanks to the improvements in this book I will pick up #4 and I am now desperately curious to see how the team operates with Booster now they have gotten to know each other a bit.


Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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