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SIX GUNS #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
November 5, 2011, 7:58 am
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I love a good Western and have space in my pull list for one right now, especially since ‘All Star Western’ is set in Gotham City and not very good. Andy Diggle is generally a solid writer with just the right amount of inventiveness so I was curious to see how six guns would read.

From the off it is clear that this is not going to be a historical or nostalgic comic. It is rooted firmly in the present, however some of its story and character elements make it a little on the fantastical side for my (conservative??) tastes.

Diggle’s story begins on route 90 through West Texas. Two Texas Rangers are transporting ‘Tarantula’ who is to be extradited and tried for murder. She claims a set-up but before the Rangers can even think about, never mind dismiss her statement they are set upon by a dark and futuristic looking biker gang who manage to take possession of her, before delivering her to their client. During the fight one of the Rangers is killed and his partner swears to investigate and exact revenge.

The story itself isn’t bad, but I do take issue with the cliched biker gang. The ‘Black Riders’ trot out every stereotype in the book although their leader does look like a younger Lemmy from Motorhead. Luckily for both me and the book, the Black Riders are all but Lemmy killed in issue 1.

Art wise I’m neither for this book nor against it. There are some cool panels and pages but most of it is quite boring. I do quite like the cover though, but I’d rather listen to Motorhead.


Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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