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AQUAMAN #2 by Craig
November 4, 2011, 6:44 pm
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Issue #1 of Aquaman was hysterical and the main reason I decided to pick up issue #2, so it’s a little disappointing that this one didn’t live up to the first issue – so what’s the problem?

Well to start, it feels awfully short. There’s still 20 pages in there, but they’re not used very well – other than a very short scene between Aquaman and Mera discussing Aquaman’s past, there’s very little dialouge in there, opting for action sequences and splash pages. What I loved about issue #1 was how much we found out about this character (who I’d never really bothered to read previously), but all we learn this time round is that he went skiing once. Bo-ring!

Although Linsay thought there was too much poking fun at poor old Aquaman in her review of issue #1, I found it hilarious. It also worked on two levels – you’re first reaction is to laugh along at the jokes, but then soon after you feel a bit sorry for the guy. This really helped to set the scene with the character and understand his moodiness. Although issue #2 keeps in some of the same kinds of gags (this time directed more at Mera) there’s not as much to help you identify with the character. Again, this is probably more down to the fact that for the time that we spend with him, he’s primarily thrusting his spear into the faces of the alien devil fish things that have decided to come up onto land and eat all the humans.

I quite like the idea of Aquaman and Mera “getting away from it all”  and doing a Little Mermaid style “Part of your world”, but we’re going to need a little more than two pages of some crummy dialouge to get any character development in there. I can’t help but think that Geoff Johns has something brilliant in store for us in issue #3, and failed to spend any time developing issue #2. Time will tell.

The artwork from Ivan Reis is great and consistent – with Flashpoint and now this, he’s really nailed the king of Atlantis and his watery skills. The sub-par writing unfortunately has a bearing on the art too though. There’s only so many panels I can get take of alien devil fish staring down the camera with their mouth’s full of sharp teeth on show. Even the cover has the same image on it!

Issue #1 proved me wrong on my assumptions with this character, but it’s two steps back with issue #2. C’mon Johns, get the finger out and show us what you’re really good at.


Craig @hastiecraig

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Hmmm. #2 certainly didn’t have the belly laughs of #1 but I still really enjoyed it, esp the scenes w/ Mera. Also, its clear that people continually taking the piss is beginning to get to Aquaman, especially as he is being disrespected in front of Mera. I think its going to get interesting. I reckon if you read the whole 1st arc it will probably be great. Hopefully.

Comment by Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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