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October 31, 2011, 12:20 am
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Red Lanterns #1 was the strongest of the Lanterns titles from month one in my opinion and the month two Lantern releases couldn’t come round quick enough….but could this title build on a strong start?……you’d say by the cover alone it’s going to have a damn good try.

Picking up with Atrocitus and his soul searching mission on how best to aim the rage the Red Lanterns represent.  To use it to enforce more of a sense of justice than any mindless violence that war can generate.  The main part of the issue settles on the world of Ghan IX….a planet seeped in rage and war and the first logical choice for the Red Lanterns consideration.  A local war has engulfed the entire planet as the Yeuvers and Ghanites battle each other for a long-forgotten reason…..and this is the kind of “problem” Atrocitus is looking to resolve.

The brutality and needless killing of the war almost cries out to Atrocitus and Peter Milligan settles us into a deeper, thought-provoking issue than I was expecting.  With innocence being lost when the Yeuvers needlessly open fire on a group of young Ghanites, killing all but one of them….the survivor proclaiming “DEATH TO THE YEUVERS” among the bodies of her friends.

This rage hits Atrocitus full-on and he races to the planet and kills all but one of the Yeuvers who have been responsible for this war crime.  Truth is, Atrocitus only keeps him alive to show him the results of his rage and fear in the midst of war……and kills him for his crime….an eye for an eye moment that Peter Milligan seems to drop onto our shoulders and decide whether it was the right thing to do or not…..and he succeeds by making me almost become a Red Lantern myself.

The fade out in this issue has Atrocitus declare to himself that he needs an equal from his mindless, rage-filled lanterns……an equal to take on the greater task of aiming the rage they hold and fighting for justice in a Universe needing just this type of approach.  Milligan manages to swing from quiet, reflective moments to the harsh realities of war effortlessly….in a similar way that he did in issue #1 but the main difference here in issue #2 is, that he’s managing to get the reader deeper involved in the cause….now that’s smart writing.

Art-wise, we see Ed Benes (penciller), Rob Hunter (Inks) & Nathan Eyring (Colourist) deliver another home-run with a seamless, continuation of their solid work from issue #1 and with the kind of panel combinations that make this issue flow so effortlessly.  The content of Red Lanterns is not going to appeal to everyone….perhaps a bit too deep with its message for some….but I’m loving it and will be sticking with this title for the foreseeable future.

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