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October 31, 2011, 12:30 am
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The Green Lantern title started off as one of the “so-so” issues…..suffering somehow from not being “new” enough or not deviating from a long continuity the title had already built, prior to Flashpoint and the New 52 reboot.  This left me approaching #2 with less excitement than any of my other choices of #2 reads…..

Issue #1 saw Sinestro take Hal Jordan’s place in the GL Corps while Hal was cast back onto earth to try and reclaim his less than impressive life….a life that Sinestro wanted to help him escape……that’s right, Sinestro helping Hal Jordan….WTF??  This is where it picks up from in #2 as we see Sinestro create a ring to give to Hal…..with an in-built “Can’t hurt Sinestro” clause.  The art worries I had from before are still there as I can’t say I’m a fan of Doug Manhke’s art here again….at least to start with as it did feel like it improved as the issue continues.

Sinestro’s distaste for Hal and his very existence is pretty obvious from the start, even though he’s ultimately trying to help him…although it’s really just a ploy to have Hal help him in the long run.   Geoff Johns writes this as we have almost a complete issue with a Sinestro/Hal back and forth….and for me….it actually starts well and gets a bit tiresome… it’s a strange issue for me….a Green Lantern fan……who’s not been overly impressed with the 1st two issues of the new GL title.

There’s an interesting scene where a disaster happens in the city and Hal is just about to save the day when Sinestro holds him back, turning off his ring and making him watch helplessly……until Sinestro himself saves the day, letting the people he saved get back to their “little lives”.  They then join forces to fight the real source of the disaster…a member of the Yellow Lantern corps who’s arrived to kill Sinestro for his betrayal.

The issue closes out with Sinestro revealing to Hal that his true motive for helping….is to help himself….and reclaim his home planet from the Yellow Lanterns.  An odd issue for me, with artwork improving while writing feeling like it struggles….and I actually ended up liking Sinestro and finding Hal a bit of a pain in the ass.  The next couple of issues of this are going to be telling for me….and will truly decide on whether I continue with it….or let it fall into the “give it a miss” category from the New 52.

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