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October 31, 2011, 12:14 am
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Now if you’ve read my review of issue #1, you’ll know that this was one of DC’s many surprise issues for me…..and in a good way as this feels like a hit… a wave of hit n misses.

We know up to this point that Deathstroke is an assassin with sarcasm resting in his holster alongside his sword/knife/gun….and for me….that makes the character my kinda guy.  From issue #1 we had an introduction to the mystery that is “the briefcase” and this is really the main thread to this story… we almost walk alongside our main character trying to figure out what the briefcase means…..and we’ve yet to see what the hell is in it.

Opening the issue in a diner we see a solitary figure enter and make his way into the back ……where we find a secret bar…..full of assassins and our very own Deathstroke taking some stress relief from a hard days killing.  Some solid dialogue from Kyle Higgins lets us know pretty quick that there’s history between our visitor (Mikel) and Deathstroke…..with a back and forth about trading the briefcase…..and attempts to find out who Mikel’s employer is.

Truth is…..this kind of slow opening only makes the rest of the book all that more interesting as the deal turns sour and we see Deathstroke cut, shoot and quip his way through the bar full of assassins who are on Mikel’s payroll…..BIG mistake.  The remainder issue is light with talking, high on action as a city-wide chase sparks off explosions and Deathstroke kills left and right.

A short-lived enemy named Road-Rage is introduced but taken care of with enthusiasm from Deathstroke….and we get to see him bring down a helicopter which slices Mikel in half.  Deathstroke collects his briefcase of money and we close out the issue with the hint that this was all part of a bigger plan that Deathstroke had in mind…….could be his arrogance playing out but I’m inclined to think that he’s THAT good.   A call to his handler confirms that Deathstroke is back in business and his publicity stunt will surely see the job offers come rolling in.

Now as I said, there’s not much story on the go in this issue #2….but it DOES feel like that’s ok….it’s part of the whole mystery we’ve been sucked into….and that’s a credit to Higgins for the structure here.  Throw in the solid artwork from Joe Bennett/Art Thiebert which they proved in issue #1 as they take on the seedy underworld of assassins through to the brash set-pieces that maybe Deathstroke himself had advised them on.

This title for me is one of DC’s definite curveballs…..wasn’t expecting much from it…and yet, 2-issues in….and I’m embroiled in the mystery that’s been suggested as opposed to revealed to us and there’s enough action/sarcasm on show here that the writer and artists seem to be thriving on….roll-on #3.

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