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KEY OF Z #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas

I do love a good zombie infected armagideon style end of humanity farce and I’m also partial to great music. Missing out on the Amory Wars due to a particularly debilitating bout of Back Issue Buying Blue Beetle Fever I was determined not to do so on this latest title from Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez. Plus its got zombies in it, how many reasons to buy a comic does a girl need?

The comics industry is a lot like the movies and TV in that there is no shortage of zombie related products on the go right now. Whilst some are great, others are merely cashing in on the hype, as evidenced by the multitude of shit zombie comics and movies doing the rounds.

Whilst ‘Key of Z’ isn’t going to break any records it is original enough and has a suitable depth of quality to make it stand out from the crowd. Set in the not too distant future the book starts off by providing us with a cocktail oh so sweet I reckon it was composed solely on a diet of Oreos, Twinkies, Mars Bars and Millions. Christmas Eve night descends into madness as a zombie santa claus eats the face of a passer by. The scenes of anarchy as the zombies take over the city of New York are brilliant. Full marks to the art department  – the illustrations are nasty and the colours are super dirty.

After a brilliant 5 page introduction we jump forward in the timeline by about 3 or 4 months and realise that this comic isn’t just about cool zombie drawings. New York has made it through the initial aftermath of the zombie apocalypse and the remaining human population are starting to align themselves into three warring factions, based upon the sports ground where they are based.

Sound interesting? Believe me it is. The Zombies are essentially window dressing as we explore how these New Yorkers are now living. There are power struggles to be witnessed as well as some very personal characterisation in the form of Ewing, a man who has lost everything and now possesses a very special weapon which should help him against the zombies, and a young almost accountant who is coming to terms with no longer going to university.

Key of Z is a four part series which promises lots of gore, zombies and fights all arranged amongst a higher level story which should actually be worth your while reading.

You can follow Sanchez’s publishing co Evil Ink on Twitter here  and find out more about their comics at their website.


Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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