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MONOCYTE #1 by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
October 25, 2011, 5:40 pm
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30 Days of Night, particularly in its infancy was one of the top horror comics around, so when I hear that IDW are planning something else in the scary vein both my interest and my expectations are understandably high.

Monocyte is a 3 issue mini series published by IDW by the writer/ artist Menton3 and co written with Kasra Ghanbari. The series was announced around SDCC and the initial visuals and teasers released really got me intrigued. I love comics that try to go new places with their art and it was obvious from the outset that Menton3 would not be painting this one by numbers.

The first time a child sees Jim Henson’s Skeksis and the resultant fear and aversion is what comes to my mind when discussing Monocyte. I started thinking about  the comic during the night after reading and started to ‘hit the boke’ (this is the Lanarkshire vernacular, by the way)

There is a lot of text in the book, but with Menton3’s expressive art style this is necessary otherwise you wont know whats going on half the time. I also have the a sneaking suspicion that it will read better as a trade, however I have pre-ordered the next 2 issues regardless.

The story revolves around 2 warring immortal races. To be honest, I only really know this because it says so. I am not grading this book until i’ve read all the issues. I think I really liked it though as I want to lend it to my friends.

You should look at this website

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Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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