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WONDER WOMAN #2 by Craig
October 22, 2011, 3:18 pm
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Here’s a book that wasn’t on my pull list for this month. I hadnt yet read issue 1 when my order had to go in and I’ve never previously been a fan of WW, so I didn’t really feel the need to pick it up. However after last month’s performance I knew this was a book I’d want to be reading going forward.

To be fair, the draw of Azzarello was a contributing factor, and I had played with the idea of preordering issue 2 anyway, but the dark disturbing nature of issue 1 cemented this into my regular order. As was the way with most number 1s, the first book had put me at ease, not going to heavy handed on Greek mythology, which is one of the turn-off factors for not having read WW previously. I was a little concerned going into issue two that this was just a ploy to keep readers, as the first few pages starts discussions around a family tree I’ve no real knowledge or interest for.

Luckily though, it doesn’t dwindle on this too much and gets us back to where we left off with WW, her Bird man (god) and Zola her pregnant companion. Azzarello is doing a good job at easing us in with this character, not throwing all the bells and whistles that comes with the character at us straight away – hell, WW was only in half of issue 1! We do get our first glimpse of Paradise Island this issue, but there’s litle that gets in the way of the intestine plot that he’s weaving here.

As Azzarello works his magic, so too does Cliff Chaing, once again providing some fantastically original work. His talking head scenes are always a pleasure to look at, but it’s the action scenes that really stand out. His thick black outlines work excellently against the bold sound effects, with interspersed close up shots of the action unfolding. Unlike many fight sequences in comics, Chaing does a really good job of making it easy to understand where the characters are and what movements they are making.

For me, this book is a perfect example of what the DCnew52 should be doing – changing people’s perceptions on characters that have been around for decades, and making sure that they are interesting enough to keep reading. Keep up the good work.


Craig @hastiecraig

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