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NIGHTWING #2 by Craig
October 22, 2011, 4:59 pm
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Kyle Higgins and the art team consisting of Eddy Barrows, J.P. Mayer and Paulo Siqueira have brought us an even bigger action packed issue of Nightwing than last month’s, proving that Dick definitely deserves his own series.

Taking Dick back to his roots last month felt a bit gimmicky to me, however I’m starting to see now how this will weave nicely into Higgins’ story, hopefully in a similar fashion to the great Gates of Gotham series. Issue 2 starts to thicken the plot as Dick tries to understand why the dude with the knife gloves is after him, however the book suffers from the same problems I found last month, but I think I know why this time round.

As I mentioned in my review of issue 1, for me the issue sagged in the middle, and the same feels true of this one also. This could be down to the art department which seems to struggle with the basic conversational scenes where there’s not a lot going on, in comparison to the mega action sequences and the double page spreads. The layouts for these action sequences are definitely ones to shout about, but it unfortunately leaves the rest of the book looking a little bland.

Overall though the issue does hit all the right spots. So far the two issues have got the balance just right – there’s no cheap cameos here, just pure Grayson as it should be. I look forward to the coming issues and hope that the soggy middle syndrome becomes a thing of the past.


Craig @hastiecraig

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I am enjoying Nightwing – think its a good blend of action with personal drama.

Comment by Linsay @softlyspokenlas

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