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BIRDS OF PREY #2 by Craig
October 22, 2011, 4:09 pm
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The birds are back again, upping their numbers from last month’s issue. Yes ok, so I’m only getting this because it has ties to Gotham City, but this one could become something interesting a few issues down the line.

The witty banter moves up a notch in this issue, helping me to like these characters a little more than I did last month. I had issues with several characters being shown on the cover of issue 1 and only two of them actually showing up inside, but I’m now starting to enjoy the Dinah and Ev double act.

There’s a much better flow to this issue this month, focusing on moving the plot forward as the pair delve deeper into what happened to last month’s exploding reporter. The characters are really what will make this series, and so far the ones we have are interesting enough (the surprise addition this issue will definitely make for interesting times ahead).

Unfortunately the art isn’t keeping up it’s end of the bargain – there’s not a lot to look at here, with pretty bland pages and colouring. It might sound a little picky, but I’m also not much of a fan of the costumes, if you could go so far as to call them that. Ev is dressed for a Saturday night on the town, and Dinah wanders about in something stolen from Aquaman’s atlantean wardrobe, finished off with fishnets. I’m not saying it needs to be bold primary colours, but I feel there’s something needed here to bring this book alive.

This isn’t the best book of the 52, but it’s not the worst. It’s taking a little longer than the others to get off the ground, but there is some room for potential. This is probably only one for BOP fans or those like me that jump at the mention of anything to do with Gotham.


Craig @hastiecraig

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