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7STRING – TRACK ONE by Linsay @softlyspokenlas
October 13, 2011, 9:17 pm
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Would you like to read a comic thats a bit like what might happen if Final Fantasy had a one night stand with Scott Pilgrim after meeting in the Pez Dispenser aisle in Woolworths?  Yes? Well you should read 7 String by Nich Angell then!

As the first in a series of articles in the run up to the Thought Bubble in Leeds I wanted to discuss this comic that I picked up at Kapow!2011 on a whim as the cover looked cool and I like  guitars and… well that was it really. 7String Track One (are you picking up on the musical theme here?) turned out to the beginning of a well written and potentially lovely story with adorable colours and a sweet and interesting sugary sci-fi world.

Angell’s story takes us on a journey through a universe made vibrant with music having to do without, thanks to the evil machinations of a soon-to-be-not-so mysterious, power hungry villain. Our hero, Zach, a lovely purpley-blue haired boy whose life (and perhaps his parentage) is tied up within the musical cosmos, learns to play his absent father’s cool spacey guitar sword and grows up, as narrated by his mother.  The inevitable soon happens, and the villain, who turns out to be a cheesy looking weirdo with freak hair, tracks down Zach and battle ensues.

The story is fun and engaging and I really want to know more about what happens to Zach. There are definitely some comparisons to be made here with Scott Pilgrim, particularly over the similarity with the battles, but it is still a really interesting story that looks cool in a comic. The art is very manga with some heavy Final Fantasy influences and the colours really bring the whole story alive.

A gem like 7String isn’t going to remain a self published comic for much longer. Canadian publisher Zeta comics will be releasing individual issues online and plan three separate three-issue volumes and a hardcover collected edition. Oooft. Sounds like a small press success and a half.

You can find out more about Nich Angell on his website, and I’d also recommend you take a look there to read about his new project SOL, which he describes as ‘more grown-up, Tintin style adventures set in the future of our solar system’. Read our interview with Nich here.

Linsay @softlyspokenlas

You can follow Nich on Twitter – @nichangell

Nich’s website –


Zeta Comics –

Nich’s webcomic (quite funny by the way) –

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