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VOODOO #1 by G-Man
October 5, 2011, 11:52 pm
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I can tell you that, from the cover, I had no idea what to expect from DC’s Voodoo title in its New 52 reboot… maybe a Witchblade-type of character or some other strange alien-hybrid shenanigans. But what did I end up with?

WARNING: contains spoilers.

I ended up with wall-to-wall, page-to-page, strip-club, pole-dancing, which a title like Voodoo would suggest, eh? (WTF?)  It’s got a ‘T+’ rating for a reason anyway and the single-mom strippers shaped like goddesses and gyrating for the pleasure of faceless shadowy men is hopefully just a cover for the real story here.

Top female act in the Voodoo Lounge is given the name ‘Voodoo’ and here enters our naive, loner of a main character, Priscilla Kitaen, hitting the club spotlight to tease the cash from the local men crowding the place.  Among this crowd are two agents who are keeping their eyes on Voodoo – the Tyler Evans and Jessica Fallon partnership sitting in the front row and sticking out like a sore thumb.  These two characters feel clichéd from the start and with Jess’ uncomfortable feeling getting the better of her – she heads back to the hotel leavng her partner to enjoy the show.

So far, it’s just been skin on show but we get a rest from this when we see Jess have a run-in with some underage guys who have been refused entry. Jess takes all four of these guys down and keeps on walking. Even after this I can’t say I find Jess a very interesting character and this gives the book a feeling of neglect in certain aspects of it: with a main subject matter of stripping, I’d be inclined to think we weren’t going to be going high-brow for this, but you’d still expect more interest as a reader.

Meanwhile back in the strip-club, we’re now backstage as the strippers try to trade babysitting/shifts to suit their work/life balance.  So far, we’ve no explanation for Voodoo’s need to strip and her private dance/interrogation by Tyler seems far too random even for the comic book world.  The book plays out with more flesh on show and the last three pages are the most interesting of the title, with Voodoo seemingly reverting into a green demon and ripping Tyler to shreds before quitting her job, leaving the club and becoming Tyler in the process.

There are some good points to the book, other than the last three pages. I actually quite like the art, it’s just a pity that Sami Basri wasn’t given a more interesting or varied topic and I feel the writing has held this one back a little. Focusing on stripping for 90% of the book doesn’t seem to make me want to care about any of the main characters.

G-Man @gjwatson85

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