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October 3, 2011, 10:18 pm
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New Guardians makes up the 4th and final Green Lantern title of the DC new 52, introducing us to the last of the human GLs, Kyle Rayner, as well as keeping alive the many colours of the lantern rainbow that have popped up in recent times.

Rather than create specific titles for each of the GL characters or bundle them all into the one book, DC has cleverly split them up – Hal Jordan (currently ring-less) in the main Green Lantern title, Guy Gardener and John Stewart in the Corps book and now Kyle in this new title. I’m sure somewhere down the line the three titles will merge into some mega event (with Geoff Johns name attached to it, no doubt) but for the time being we can pick and choose which Lanterns to follow. So far my impressions of the other two GL books have been moderate – the main title has some promise with how Sinestro will deal with being good and how Hal can return to his former glory, and Peter Tomasi seems to be doing a similar idea on Corps as he has with Batman & Robin – a secret big bad lurking in the background of the main plot. I liked Red Lanterns a little more than these two books, but probably because it’s giving me something totally new and different from the others, which was why I thought New Guardians might also shine for offering something equally different.

Unfortunately I don’t think this book has very much in it to win me over… yet. It’s still early days, and unlike some of the other issue #1s, this issue doesn’t really have much going on in it. The idea of multi-coloured lanterns fighting with each other, teased on the cover, doesn’t really live up to the promise. We do get a small glimpse of what’s to come in the final few panels, but I found it a little too late. I was surprised also that the issue dealt with Rayner’s initiation into the Corps – where the other two books have the characters as members already, Guardians chooses to start with Kyle as the unemployed artist bum he really is. It felt a little unnecessary and rushed because there were so many other elements that needed to be covered at the start here – I wouldn’t have really minded if Kyle was already wearing the mask.

I’m also a little confused about continuity here too, but this could be down to me being a relatively new GL reader. I’ve been using the new 52 as the jumping on point I’ve waited for so long with the Lanterns – promising myself that one day I’ll finally have read the major continuity plots to allow me to read Blackest Night, however until there’s 50 hours in a day, I’ll make do with jumping on now. What I think I know is that just before the new 52 arrived, there was a war of the lanterns (that Tony Bedard and Tyler Kirkham of New Guardians created the aftermath to) which is presumably why we have so many Lantern and Guardian corpses strewn across the start of this new title. However surely this war and the introduction of the other coloured lanterns happened when Kyle was a GL? Does that mean the reboot keeps the war but not Kyle’s participation in it? And when is the main GL comic set? Again I presume it’s after the war since Sinestro has a Green Lantern ring now and Jordan doesn’t – but he does have a ring five years ago in the Justice League title. Huh?

Hopefully this will all make sense one day, but until then I’ll just try to stick to what’s going on in the current DCnU Green Lantern titles. Where the Corps and GL books might end up retreading old ground, Guardians does have the potential to do what Red Lanterns is doing, so let’s hope that issue #2 kick-starts this a little better than #1.

Craig @hastiecraig

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Yeah this one didn’t blow me away, but besides Red Lanterns it intrigued me the most. I’ll probably stick with the first arc before cutting it from my pull list.

Comment by greenlightcomics1

Nice Review Scottish buddy – we think on simular lines.

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Comment by Jay Andrews

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