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SUPERGIRL #1 by gillianhastie
September 29, 2011, 3:40 pm
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This little book is beautiful, so so beautiful.

DC has attracted some unwanted publicity recently for it’s portrayal of women, I think proving that it’s not ok to take a risk and that not all publicity is, in fact, good publicity. Wherever you stand on the Great DC Females Controversy, you can’t complain about Supergirl. Sure, she’s swapped a mini skirt for buttock-revealing hi-leg briefs, the kind you can’t buy in a 5-pack from M&S, but she’s a mature, self-assured and independent young women, with stylishly layered hair, who packs a punch. Gone are the days of the ditzy blonde, guilt-ridden and tripping over her own feet. She even has her own variation on the ‘S’, no longer a copy of her Super cousin’s emblem. I can’t thank DC, Green, Johnson and Asrar, especially Asrar, enough.

The story itself is simple, bringing Kara’s thoughts, realisations and personality to the forefront. As a counter-balance to the introspection, there’s action a-plenty with robot fights, fiery eyes and explosions. These are enhanced by the sparse setting and sound effects, from the creaks of robo-dismemberment to tennis-player-style grunts from our heroic lass.

The storytelling is considered, taking us from night to day, confusion to clarity, powerless to powerful and alone to accompanied by none other than Kal-El, Superman himself.  While his appearance is nice, it’s not really that he comes to her rescue.  He helps, but she’d have be fine on her own, and I sincerely hope that Superman goes about his business elsewhere and we’re left with Kara fighting alone. Occasional team-ups with Kal, Batgirl and the Legion would be nice though.

Gillian @surelyshine

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really gorgeous book, well written too. Looking forward to #2

Comment by Linsay @softlyspokenlas

This was book I was not going to pick up, but after seeing the art I’m going to give it a try. It seems the story is something that would interest me as well.

Comment by greenlightcomics1

Loved this book. I was shocked by how much. I wasnt going to get it until i saw the art a couple of days before its release and i was blown away. stunning art and good story. by far one of my fav of the new 52

Comment by comicgeekboy

[…] Mahmud Asrar’s art that’s really made this book stand out so far (review of issue #1 here).  The one and only George Perez takes over on art for this issue – who better as a fill-in […]

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