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LEGION LOST #1 by gillianhastie
September 29, 2011, 4:24 pm
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Legion Lost is a cracking wee issue for Legion fans who need more than a one-a-month fix.

Not all of the new DC52 can be written for the ignorant and uninitiated, leave it to Justice League and Animal Man to entertain those who jump on with the relaunch. The Legion is doubly hard to understand for newbies – along with the mystersies of the DC Universe, new readers will have to contend with a bombardment of characters, from a variety of planets way in the future, with a bunch of cool powers and odd names that even the most dedicated legion fans have trouble remembering.

The issue touches on some of the team’s salient features – time travel, time bubbles, flight rings and the Time Institute – without overbearing explanations of the intricacies. It was pretty damn cool that they used the Flashpoint event to travel to ‘our time’, and I can’t wait to see how other members of the team (yep, there are more of them) have been affected in the core Legion title.

Each of the characters is introduced in a convoluted conversation across 4 pages, with names and abilities interwoven.  By the end even I was confused, and I know most of this already. In Legion comics, it’s common and acceptable to give details about each character the first time they appear in each issue, even across the one story arc, and due to the team’s complexities, I like that. I can’t help but wish that the splash page (2-3) had shown captions like ‘Tellus, big dude with telekinesis who talks yellow’ or somesuch. The main story about a green bad guy and a pathogen, would have been easier to follow.

I’ll read more issues of this, cos I’m a Legion fan and I’m hoping for a Supergirl cameo. The issue left the team with an almost blank slate, stranded on a planet with a mystery to solve, Trekkie-style, and I’m curious to see where it goes next.

Gillian @surelyshine

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I put this on my pull list simply because I knew nothing about the Legion for the most part. I don’t mind jumping in and being a bit confused. I like that all the characters are new to me. Can’t wait to read it.

Comment by greenlightcomics1

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