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September 28, 2011, 7:42 pm
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On my trip to my Local Comic Book Shop last week to pick up my stack, I was informed that my copy of Red Hood wasn’t available as the shipment of this book had been ‘lost in the post’. “Not to worry” I said, as I had 11 other DC #1s to read – I’m sure I won’t miss out and can wait to read it later. One Internet uproar later and I realise that it’s more likely the shipment got stopped at customs and not just lost…

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way so that we can talk about the rest of the book. Yes, Starfire is portrayed as a dumb forgetful slut, happy to divulge that she’s no issues with sleeping with each member of the outlaw team. She also didn’t get the ‘must wear trousers’ memo from DC when choosing her outfit – something that one of DC’s younger readers makes comment about here. But until all this, things were looking ok.

Let’s start with the art by Kenneth Rocafort. One thing I’ve particularly enjoyed about the DC reboot is the injection of alternative styles that DC has given their world. Animal Man, Supergirl, Frankenstein, Batgirl, Wonder Woman and now this, all offer something a little different from what we’re used to and make for a much more interesting read. Rocafort’s style is quite rugged and dirty, showing every crease and mark on the character’s clothes and faces. The choice of panels throughout are really interesting, the opening action sequence in particular where the randomness really helps express how much is going on around the pair. Forgetting the soft-core porn images in the middle, he finishes up with a really cool Himalayan temple location fit for an Indiana Jones movie. I’m hoping issue #2 opens here with as much action as the 1st issue does to show off more of this place.

The story that leads us to this point isn’t too bad – to be honest this was more the style I had pictured for the Suicide Squad book. It’s a lot more edgy, helped mainly by Jason Todd’s bad boy attitude, and maintains an almost A-Team feel to it throughout the book with it’s ‘misunderstood band of do-gooders’ plot. I can’t help feel though that there’s one less character than there should be in the band of Outlaws, or possible one more – either dropping Starfire (which might become a possibility due to the outcry) or adding someone else to the team might help things along here. Lobdell clearly wants to write Red Hood stories, but possibly hasn’t given enough thought to the supporting Outlaws.

So far this book has got the wrong kind of attention, but for the right reasons. I wouldn’t be surprised if DC has a little shake up on the issues to come for this book – there are a few good things going for it, so let’s hope those parts stay.

Craig @hastiecraig

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I laughed hard in this one. Oh Starfire. I’m appreciating the speed in which these reviews are coming out, while also maintaining quality.

Nice work.

Comment by LocutusofTim

Thanks LocutusofTim – we try our hardest to get these reviews up as soon as we have the comics in our hands!

Comment by Craig

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